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Speaking & Dynamic Off-Sites

“Your insights and ideas really helped shape our company kick-off and I consider it to be a big success. Your collaboration with the team before, during and after the event was outstanding and I really believe this landed us in a good spot to move the company forward.”

President & CEO, Risk Management Company

High impact speaking engagements and designing and facilitating Dynamic Off-Sites have been successful catalysts for client growth and transformation for many years in Austria, Germany, Malaysia, Spain and the USA.

Strategic Off-Site themes have included Clarifying Strategic Direction, Partnering for Performance (business integration), Strategic Renewal, Developing a Meaningful Leadership Culture and One Company Initiatives.

Dan Norenberg, senior partner and N Vision Learning founder, offers a number of high impact speaking themes to help leaders move beyond “business as usual”. Often these thought leadership impulses are part of an overall Strategic Off-Site package; however, Dan can also be booked for stand-alone speaking engagements as well.

Dan Norenberg’s speaking themes include:

Boundaries of Executive Performance - Where does it stop at the top?

Too often learning investments focus on the operational leadership level, while executive leadership is left on their own, or not held accountable for continuing to learn and grow. This creates two problems. One, it sets a very poor example to the rest of the organization, giving people the impression that senior leaders feel they have nothing left to learn, or worse, they have no time to learn. Secondly, only when leaders grow themselves can they grow their business.

Dan’s presentation raises provocative questions on the following issues:

Throughout this presentation, executives and senior HR experts get resources, tools and frameworks to help executives learn, and lead beyond boundaries.

Developing Real (High Performance) Leadership Teams

There is much written and talked about when it comes to highly effective leaders. There is also a wealth of research and models that show how teams can become “high performing”.

Yet leadership is often singled out as an individual endeavor. Companies create talent programs and coaching arrangements to ensure individuals get leadership development. Some organizations go so far as to develop specific leadership levels or general leadership culture and the results to date are mixed, at best.

However, when we look at leaders and how they work together as a team, we see huge amounts of potential in their hands and a real opportunity to make a difference in the lives of their companies. Using leadership teams as our unit of analysis, how many of your leadership teams are truly exceptional?

Dan brings his practical experience and twenty years of insights from working with dozens of leadership teams to audiences so that they can profit from the successes and failures of these examples. Leaders learn what must go right and what can go wrong when building and maintaining high performance leadership teams.

Learning to Stand Out in the Crowd

Are the interesting opportunities going to others? Why is someone else chosen over you? Have you ever wondered why others stand out in the crowd when you believe you are capable of doing the job equally well or better?

Being in the crowd is great if you are trying to keep warm on a cold day, but it is a miserable place to be if you are trying to build a career or create a successful business. While technology has made it easier to share who you are with billions of people, Facebook likes and LinkedIn endorsements will not help you stand out in a crowd.

It is not always the most talented and most qualified that stand out. In this presentation, Dan shares from personal experience how to take small, yet significant steps to help you stand out in the crowd.

Finding Advantage in Uncertainty

Leaders that recognize, embrace and create meaningful results from uncertainty change faster, innovate more readily and stimulate high performance cultures. The competence and capability to navigate successfully through uncertainty is a clear and distinct advantage.

Are you part of a “wait and see” strategy because you don’t know how to find advantage in the uncertainty that surrounded you? There are valuable opportunities waiting to be uncovered in uncertainty. They will not become advantages for you and your company if you don’t explore the fields with rigor and positive anticipation.

Developing a positive anticipation towards uncertainty is something we can learn. It is something senior leaders can and must do with their teams and talents. Dan shares how he and others have learned to find advantages in personal, team and organizational uncertainty.

Learning to create change, not just live with it is the mark of successful leadership. Looking at uncertainly with positive anticipation and deliberate process enables us to create our future through the advantages of uncertainty, rather than wait and follow others.

How are you preparing yourself and your senior leaders to find real advantages in uncertainty? Book Dan and learn how you can be a part of the new generation of leaders.

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