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The N Vision Learning Solution

“ You and your team excelled in meeting all of our expectations, which were demanding given the fact that N Vision had to create a learning experience for 40 different nationalities from 44 different companies all with different grades of experience. All of us are looking forward to working with N Vision in the future, as learning becomes a real pleasant experience with you and your team guiding us on our road to success. ”

Senior Vice President, Global Enterprise Applications Provider

Change and business transformation begin by understanding the current leadership reality. We want to know not only the tangible reality of an organization, i.e. the financial performance, organizational structures, markets and competitors. We also want to explore the intangible reality, the politics, hopes and fears of the people, their mindsets, leadership styles, culture of motivation and collaboration, trust levels and relationships between key players. The gap between the current reality and an aspired strategic vision is where an N Vision Learning Solution begins to take shape.

Our design and interventions are pragmatic in nature and practice because they balance hard and soft practice realities. Head and heart, simplicity versus complexity, process versus event are examples of our pragmatic learning methods. We deeply believe in the value of cross-pollinated learning solutions, that is to bring together people who are required to work together to create successful business results yet are often separated by hierarchal levels, physical distance or different business functions.

N Vision Learning Solutions are also characterized by: