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Case Stories

We have helped Learning Partners across a wide range of industries achieve higher levels of performance and long-lasting results.

Learn how we have worked with our learning partners to achieve significant business results across the world through our case stories.

The featured case stories illustrate the leadership and organizational issues our partners are facing in today’s corporate world. We share our approach to improve the situation; the immediate impact of our Learning Solution and Executive and Performance Coaching; as well as the longer-term results tied to N Vision’s learning partnership engagement, including preferred changes in leadership behavior, improved communications, and managerial and employee satisfaction.

Case Stories:

Leveraging Talent Management

Keeping the leadership pipeline full ensures continuing success for a multi-functional, multinational IT service provider.

Read the full Leveraging Talent Management Case Story (54 KB).

The New Global Mindset

The best deals for global purchasing managers means understanding the ‘big picture’ their engineering group sees, acting on it and building better long-term relationships with key suppliers.

Read the full New Global Mindset Case Story (52 KB).

Leadership Partnering Boosts Performance

Partnering for performance helps a US - German leadership team achieve sustainable business results for the global group.

Read the full Partnering for Performance Case Story (53 KB).

True Connectivity Creates a Global Virtual Organization

When connectivity starts with people it leads to a sustainable and successful virtual global organization on several continents.

Read the full True Connectivity Creates a Global Virtual Organization (51 KB).